Sunday, January 9, 2011

Get Your Purs In Order

Okay, already into our second week of the new year. How many of us planned to get out lives and homes organized once and for all? Yea, me too! Now the serious queston of the matter is; "How many of us have begun the process?" No, as a matter of fact I havn't started YET! Asking a male friend to grab & pass me my purse he asked if I had a 45 in tote. So with all of you and myself in mind I at least organized this piece to share and inspire action to a clear home, car, and life. Together we will get our stuff together. The key thing about organizing is first to purge (yea real hard first step) but it must be done. So what I'm going to do is ease us into the process. Small baby steps are in order. Our first step in the process is to clean out and organize the purse. Small but scary. If we are unable to clean out the purse, the closet and garage will remain a place we avoid. Haul your pusre to the nearest cleared table or in our case we might have to use the floor. Dump all of you contents out. Start by removing all trash. Gather all of your receipts and balance your check book and store your receipts in an envelope marked for th month. Press-to, a two in one. Now remove all items that don't belog in your purse or to you. Anyone who has children, especially small children have some toys in tote. For those of us who enhance our inner beauty with a touch of make-up, use a make up bag to store only itemsthat you use daily a few times a day; allother contents should be stored athome. A coin purse or the inside coin pocket, please store all loose change here. No one likes to waiting for the unorganizedwoman searching for a dime and a nickle in the bottom of anoversizedcoach bag. Come on ladies if we're going to look toether let's strive to actually be together. Organization isto make our lives doable without extra chaos, and a junky Prada is pure chaos. Oh, you thought I forgot about the wallet, nope? Remove all old receipts, movie tickets, old gum & definitly those numbers that was slipped your way. Again stick to what you need and use on a regular, place all other credit cards in a safe at hom & leave them there. Once organized does not mean always organized, you must stay on top of the process. Okay mission complete. Treat yorself and leave me a comment or feedback on the process.


  1. Love it boo! Yeah, that is one thing I have been trying to keep up on. Ever since my car got broken into I try to make sure I don't leave not one single dime in my car! So all of it goes into my purse now, instead of the ashtray cuz thats what they emptied when they broke in. Sometimes the change makes it to the wallet and sometimes it doesn't! So with all the extra change the purse gets heavy pretty quickly.

    Another tip...for trying to stay organized...
    Evertime I am filling up the gas tank, it gives me that much time to get out ALL trash in the car that can be thrown away while I am there near a trash can..I also throw away random papers or reciepts I see in my purse at that time.

    Thanks for sharing sista!

  2. Ok ladies, I followed my own advice. Mission accomplished, got the purse cleaned out & I must say it is a little lighter.