Sunday, January 23, 2011

*A quarter way through BHG, I read 25 Ways To Declutter for the New Year. 21 suggests you pare down your linen closet to 3 towels per person, two sets of sheets per bed, plus an extra set for guests. As I write out each suggestion I become inspired to apply #21 ASAP. I immediatly get up and purge through my linens. Leavng my family with 12 towels and 5 sheet sets between my boys and extra bed and let the rest go. I enourage my boys to eliminate trash, dirty clothes and their sheets in a 30 minute time frame. Voila!!! Mission accomplished. Have a janitorial size trash bag full of linens and clothes ready to be dropped in a clothes bin for charity.

* My Part To Girls Of Wisdom:

If I Were Stuck On A Deserted Island, I'd Need * My Nook & Camera.

How To Save A Bad-Hair Day * Slick it in a chic ponytail, so if you know me, you know I have Bad-Hair days daily.

Cheap But Worth A Million * A magazine and a candle.

I Wish Someone Had Told Me* Marriage is a serious full time job, along with the necessary skills.

I'm Glad Someone Told Me* Haute &Nauty Mascara by MAC, really works.

Beauty Pet Peeve* Seeing my young sisters in public lookin like nobody in this world gives a damn about 'em.

Favorite Beauty Tool* Foot scrubbers

Best Bygone Beauty* 10-6 face cleanser

I Don't Leave The House Without* My Camera

I Wish Someoe Would Invent* A cream as strong as a perm that you apply to the abdominal area to burn off all this damn fat, resulting in a beautiful, smooth, flat stomache.

Aging Is* A priceless gift that keeps on giving.

Lipstick or Gloss* Gloss

I Feel Confident When* I'm 7lbs. lighter, clear skin, and bright eyes and smile.

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