Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflection is what it is. As I sit back & reflect over 2010 I realize that Life is nothing you can strategicly plan. I guess that's why we didn't recieve a user's guide. Life is a but a mere vapor, it appears and vanishes before you know it. I've accomplished, grown, celebrated, cried, hurt, and stumbled. I've done my best to embrace it all and remain in the moment. I've marveled at the beautiful days that God has sent, especially the rain. I've disconnected from some while connecting to others. I have no resolutions to bring in the new year. My aim is to take action, while I'm experiencing every moment of my life. Do I want to lose weight and save money?, of course so my action must be to move more, push away from the table, and tithe & save 10% of my earnings first. I know what to do, but like Nike says "Just Do It!"
Song Ded: For 2010, Deuces

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