Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today's Black Woman

Special thanx to my girl Tricia,

I received this mag at my girls Christmas Social. It was such a fitting gift, since I'm a magazine junkie. I've tried many times and strategies to break my addiction. I've set the rule that I must read the mag cover to cover which I do. I've tried limiting myself with subscriptions only to find myself talking to myself in the check out line regarding another mag. purchase. I've created a journal using mags and would like to have a mag club vs. the book club group. Now my goal is to at least apply what I've learned from any given mag & blog about it. So here is my first shot at blogging about a mag I've read cover to cover.

  • Beginning with words from the Editor, she began with the question- "How Do You Feel About Change?" She implied that most of us settle for the "If It's Not Broke Don't Fix It." syndrome. Although our situation may not be "Broken" exactly how well is it working? Is our level of satisfaction with our lives for example; Great, Fair or Barely Maintaining? To answer the first question for myself "Change is easier when you don't fight it." Answering the next question I must say that my life ain't broke, but I'm striving for my greatest self and life.
  • So glad to see housewives of athletes who are not desperate. 31yrs. old, Dr. Roselyn M. Smith received her Doctorates of Philosophy in Biological Engineering from University of Missouri-Columbia. Today she is a scientific advisor in intellectual property law and a volunteer research scientist in a neonatal intensive care unit of a local hospital. She is married to Bradley Smith of New York Jets. Truly a Sista worth reppin for.
  • IF You Can't Seem To Get Over Him- Go all the way & clean out your life of everything that is his. Keeping his stuff, keeps him around while keeping others out.
  • All The Fashion Tips

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  1. You welcome boo! Mkae sure you stay on top of those magazines!