Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Tassle is Worth the Hassle!!!!!!!

Here I am in Boston. I just received my degree and boy does it feel good. This was quite a journey. I sacrificed many weekends and time spent with my boys, family and friends, but being here today make it all worth it. I have shown my boys by example; regardless of what we face we can still accomplish and experience greatness in our lives. I was able to witness other men and women acheive Masters and Dr. degrees. I hope this has been fuel and inspiration for my sons to strive for higher education, I sure have. Just being a part of this event has lit yet another fire to keep my goal goin of becoming a life-long learner. I will begin to work on my Masters. Higher education is not reserved for ones with money or even the smart ones in the bunch but for whoever is willing to make a committment to acheive something more. Education is only a key that may opens many doors. I have met wonderful people outside my personal circle and has me and my boys clear at the opposite end of the USA. Hooray for education and those that have paved the way to make it poosible to acheive.