Monday, October 24, 2011

21 Things Black People Should Do...

1). Register to vote
2). Take all that money out of those stocking caps, tin cans, mattresses, and floor boards & invest money in something. For starters, invest in the food you eat.
3). Learn another language, ebonics doesn't count.
4). Stop using the "N" word in 2010, especially since Merriam-Webster has announced that it isn't changing the definition.
5). Buy something each week from a black vendor. Not out of obligation but for support and encouragement.
6). Subscribe to a magazine; EBONY, JET, BLACK ENTERPRISE, ESSENCE. Then subscribe to one of the weeklies; TIME, NEWSWEEK, or U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT. After learning what's going on in OUR world, learn about the whole world it is after all, your wold.
7. Stop blaming white folks for 98% of your problems while giving them 100% of your money.
8). Stop walking past each other without speaking.
9). Be on time for something.. ANYTHING!!!
10). Get an annual check up; herbs don't cure anything.
11). In all the ways acknowledge Him(God) & he shall direct your path. Prioritize this as #1.
12). Stop being jealous of one another, learn to look past the material things & see the person for who they are.
13). Get involved in at least one charitable or voluntary community service.
14). Say a prayer for someone else other than yourself.
15). Hug your child, spouse, friend, or parent today. If you are blessed to have more than one of these persons in your life hug them all and often.
17). Learn to let go & let God.
18). Stop talking about it and be about it.
19). Let God order your steps instead of the world.
20). P.U.S.H Pray Until Something Happens!
21). In all that you do, get understanding, (turn off the T.V, & open a book). Don't just read this, Do It & encourage others. Have a blessed day.

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