Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 1- 15 Interesting Facts About Me

1. I know how to crochet-My aunt Gail taught me when I was in elementary. I continued this skill through high school & I completed several blankets, one was for my first born.
2.Scared of cats
3.Not a risk taker
4.I worry often for nothing
5.I really enjoy my career in Early Education
6.I'm not into the cell phone thing
7.My mother, my son, and myself are the first born of each new generation. My son will continue with his first born leading the 4th. generation that begins a generation.
8. 2012 I will be a grandmother.
9.I dream of being a sophisticated Ho-Bo
10.I never smoked WEED!!!!
11.I'm not a major TV/Movie watcher and often feel ignorant when discusions of actors, movies, or shows take place because I'm usually clueless of the content.
12.RED is not my favorite color (mayB it is now)
13.I'm still in love with Hip Hop.
14.Went on my first cruise 10/14/11.
15.I will & want to marry again.

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