Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 6 - My Favorite Super Hero

Wonder Woman is my super hero of choice. She represents strength and is the leader of the pack of female super heros as she still was in woman character. All she needed was her gear and she could handle everything. It's funny to think and or admit that clothes, uniforms, and or hats transforms us. As a woman I know there are many different suits/hats that I must wear. Even as a mother if I get to dressed up, my boys question "where you goin" lookining me up and down- I guess not looking like what moma mode looks like. As a supervisor there's a professional look that I must carry out. As a sister and friend I gear up for those roles as well. The company of a man also alters the look or style. Don't go to church lookin like you just left the club, even if you did. Only a Wonder Woman can pull off so many roles and responsiblities to ensure that all surrounding people and environments are better because of her, with only a simple twirl and a change of gear. Real life, last year I bought a nice fossil watch and I promise when I put that thing on it amps up my Wonder Woman skills. Just like Wonder Woman a raise of the wrist and I can block out anything. I enjoy being the Wonder Womanthat I am.

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