Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 7- Someone Who Has The Biggest Impact On Me

Linda V. McClellan. My grandmother, shero, my mother. Like so many children who has been affected by parental drug abuse, I was no exception. The difference for me is my grandmother. Though she raised seven of her own children, there was no hesitation when she continued to raise me when my mother no longer could. Not only did she take me in, she supported and grew me into the woman that I am today and the better womon that I will become. She was firm and fair in the same light. She was always open and conversated with me candidly. She played a very strong part as I raise my own children, even vital when they were young and I tried to do the right thing by working and or going to school. Till this day I wonder what I would have done if I didn't have her to help me with my children when I was trying to better myself. I have the best relationship with her that any two people can have. I have been with her all 38 years of my life and it frightens me to think what I will do without her. I need her, she keeps going and she keeps me strong. She has shared so much of herself with me that has strengthened our circle our bond so solid that nothing could possibly shake it. I'm only highlighting a fraction of what she means to me, but her greatness has spread through our entire family. My grandmother has been able to connect and have seperate relationships with each of her 7 children, 20+ grandchildren, and 20 + greatgrandchildren. Because of her I'm coming to accept my role as a grandparent knowing that she will be blessed to see the beginning of her fourth generation in just a few short months. I always said "I got a down ass grandma on ma team" and knowing that, nothing can stop me.

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