Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 8 My Short Term Goals for 11/11

I'm living life on auto pilot and need to get back in the driver seat. I have analyzed things in my life and know that I'm cruisin at a high altitude on auto-pilot and need to swith gears ASAP. I reflect and realize that my best days are when I'm striving to be my best self by staying spiritually connected and grounded to a higher level, exercising my body and mind. So as of 11/1/11 I have created a list of goals to back on track and live and enjoy the life that was gifted to me.

  1. Not just go back to church, but to become a part of my church home. To strengthen and develop relationships in this area of my life.

  2. Get movin @ the gym and by living an active lifestyle. I need to lose what I regained and continue to work on gettin to my ideal goal weight.

  3. Tithe and save 10%. My grandmother always told me "You can do more with 80 than what you can do with 100. God has proved to me continuosly that robbing Him of his 10 does nothing for me.

  4. Juice & cut out the white stuff. Cleanse and lose weight

  5. Throw out 30 things. Not just too clear out the clutter but to focus on keeping only things that serves a purpose and the things I love.

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