Thursday, October 27, 2011

Outt Place, Displaced, Misplaced; What A Disgrace

I'm a child misplaced

A disgrace

Of the wrong race

So what I do wrong many see ok

It's become normal to be 16with two kids

With two different fathers they will never know

It's become normal for me to teach my daughter to

make it on her own

But never let my son grow old

Its the usual to tell a child to live for today because

there is no tomorrow

Its the usual for a child to live their mother's


Two children who were misplaced

Because the father is out of place

Which leaves the mother displaced

So the son is loved and the daughter is raised

And becausse we are taught Its ok

We didn't notice the similarity of the method from

slavery days

By:Tashiera McKissick

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