Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekly Fitness Plan

Monday- Skating

Tuesday- Yard Work

Wednesday- Bible Study

Thursday- Gym

Friday- Scrapping

Saturday Morning- Gym

Sunday- Church & Gym

The Things I'd Take If My Home Caught On Fire

Livin in So. Cal, fires are common. Quite some years ago, the IE experienced a serious set of fires, & families had to evacuate thier homes. When things hit this close to home you always ponder the "What If It Happened To Me?" Yea I thought it, but it was my youngest to ask the question-"Moma what would we take if we had to leave our home?" Ok now like I said I thought about it but had no real plan, but I had to tell my young son something. After seriously thinking about his question I realized that there was to much stuff to Hmm & Haw over. So I decided that the things to go at that time was an extra change of clothes, and our scrapbooks. Yea scrapbooks, I often hear people express regret and hurt over the lost memories, the things you can never get back no matter how much time and money you have. Fast forward to my new interest in blogging I ran across a blog that poses that question and people take pics of their belongings. I challenged myself to do the same in order to really investigate and plan what I would actually take at this point in my life. Of course once my children are out of harms way I've decided that the items I would take are; my purse, laptop, nook, a couple of journals, my ipods, GPS, Levi's, a stash of cash, safe, camera and as many scrapbooks as possible. Of course timing is everything and other factors. This is what I would take if I could. I once read you shouldn't hold onto anything you can't let go of. What would you take?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011