Thursday, March 29, 2012

12 Step Program For Scrap Addicts

Step 1- Admit to yourself you are drowning in scrapbook supplies.

Step 2- Admit to your husband, family and friends how much money you spend- and they'll surely admit you for being insane.

Step 3- Stay away from Micheal's and Joana's. They keep you hooked with that weekly coupon.

Step 4- Make a fearless inventory of your supplies in dollar amount and compare the price to some big purchase. (i.e. my inventory is worth $5,000 = a good transportation car for a college student, partial tuition to higher education, investment start up for the future, at least two mortgage payments etc.)

Step 5- Ask your family to forgive you for negligence due to crops, shopping sprees, scrapping at home, stuck on the computer in search for more scrapbook ideas, oh ! please ask for forgiveness for leaving the family for three day weekends twice a year at retreats.

Step 6- Stay away from magazines, they continue to sucker you in.

Step 7- Discontinue all connections with your scrapbook circle of enablers you call friends.

Step 8- Stay away from the stores!!!!!!

Step 9- Find a partner, you can't go it alone.

Step 10- If you are high tech with your addiction and are in numerous scrap graoups, take baby steps and remove yourself one group at a time.

Step 11- Create a budget.

Step 12- Reward yourself for progress, just not with scrap supplies or events.

Scrappers Oath To Recovery
I will first admit to myself then to my family, that I have an addiction. I will follow the 12 Steps
to recovery by always telling the truth. I will not try to go it alone. If ever I feel myself slipping
into a store I will immediately call for help and ask to be removed.


  1. Of course you don't mean removing yourself from the WhoGAS group? lol You left out the last step: Go lie down! bahahahahahahaha ;)

  2. WENDY!!! LOL!!!!
    I thinkn we should change the spelling to say...
    "GO LAH DOWN!!" LOL!!!!
    Yes, I think #10 needs to be ommitted! Hello!!?? LOL!
    *Good reads!

  3. Oh, how true! ;D

    Ack, the dreaded comment verification...

  4. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Say it ain't so!! This sounds like a terribly boring way to live life if you ask me. Indulge!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hmmmm I think that I will stay in denial instead and I don't mean the river in Egypt, lol!

  6. OH my! I won't even get the first token!

  7. Oh I see this brought out some ScrapAddicts. Welcome to the group. My name is Alondra & I've been scrapping for bout 12 years now. I'm an addict and proud of it!!!!!!!! Next.