Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something To Think About

All of us yearn for a life filled with joy. In the quest for happiness, though we often overlook the good that's right in front of us. Try to pause, even for a moment, and ponder the joy that already exists in your life. You just might see it's everywhere you look. Find a quiet spot and consider the following ideas.

1. What gives you the greatest joy-and when was the last time you felt that joy? Starting now, how can you incorporate what pleases you most in your daily life?

2. Each day for a week, make a list of the things that bring you delight. At the end of the week, hang the list on a mirror to remind you of all that's positive in your life.

3. How much joy you experience is connected to how open you are to receiving it. Do you believe you are worthy of it? How might the way you see yourself be robbing you of happiness?

4. Who in your life brings you the most contentment? Are you depending more on your spouse, friends, family to bring you satisfaction than you are on yourself?