Friday, April 13, 2012

To My Family

Because I am experiencing the same loss and pain as you are I might not be able to hold, hug, laugh, or smile when you need me too. Please understand as I will for you. On days you can't stay strong just hold on to the love and memories that Linda V. McClellan blessed all of us with. Luv U Fam. So in my moment of clarity this is what I wish for you........

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Khalil Turns 15

Everyday is a cause to celebrate, but on this day February 26, 2012 my baby boy turns 15. I'm almost in the millionaire club. Happy Birthday son moma love you always.

We Are Family

Bouie and my grandmother with all 7 of her children and two of her beautiful grandaughters

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Unknown Soldier

I am the unknown soldier. You think I sleep beneath a marble slab. Upon that slab you lay green wreaths, your tribute to my memory. I have no name, yet you exalt me, I am a symbol, nameless, my tomb is honored because, with other men, I fell in battle. We gave our lives. For what? I wonder most today. An armistice? Forgive me if I laugh and if the tears coarse down your cheeks, weep not for me, but for the living. I am at peace. For me the war is done. Grieve, rather, for the young men doomed to die. Made in God's image or our God in man's, men yet are beasts, killing with claw and tooth to gain their earthly ends. You call it noble, your country calls, you go, mayhap to death. To screaming shell, to gas that eats your lungs, making consciousness a thousands hells. To death by flame, by torture. Or you die quickly as I died, in one swift, awful blast. You wonder that I speak as nations war again, sending their sons to death? What meaning has this day, why lay these wreaths, if men are still to die because they dare not live? I do not know the answer. I only know that once we faught for peace. That wars might end. I have found peace. No more will I thirst nor pain, nor hunger gnaw my side, nor fever wrack me on a soldiers bed. I shall not know the fear of death or fear of life. I shall not want for aught. I shall not kill, nor covet, I shall not steal or lie. For me there is an end to all you know. Grieve not for me, I beg of you. I grieve for you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Something To Think About

Letting go means permitting life to be as it is without resistance. It is the ultimate act of trust. Reflect on what it means to let go, to let be, to trust, ans leave things as they are. Find a quiet spot to sit and consider the following ideas. - rodney smith

1. How easy is it for you to let go of your desires, resentments, angers, or frustrations? What does it feel like to hold on to your pain and pride?

2. Reflect on your need to control events that are chaotic and unpredictable. What are the feelings that arise, and how do you handle such situations? Reflect on how much time and energy you spend arranging events, hoping they will turn out the way you desire. How does this interfere with being spontaneous and creative?

3. The next time you find yourself refusing to accept something, take a moment to notice your reactions. Use them as a cue to question whether you are denying anything about situation. What is it that you refuse to accept and why? Be honest and keep adding to your aversion.

4. Practice letting go. The next itme you find yourself mentally holding on to a past, current, or future event, release it, and let it fall away. Letting go does not have to be developed, it only has to be done. Instead of trying to understand everything or figure things out, simply let go. Let go and release everything to be just as it is. Nothing special to be, no wounds to heal, no past or future to bind you.
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - aesop

Today I Created

Today I recycled, reused and re-created a pair of old whicker frames to match my room. So hot pink whicker frames to hold pics of my loved ones.