Friday, June 22, 2012

The Famous Red Box

OMG Becky! Look at that BOX!!!!!!!
The famous Red Box, is carried to and fro all scrap events.  This box attracts Super Attention!  Ladies that I've encounter several times might not remember my name, but they do remember that I am the one who carries The Red Box.  My scrap Girl Tricia is such a Hater when it comes to my BOX, that she hijacked it and left it out by the dumpster in Orange.  Most asked questions are; "Is it made for scrapping? Ohhhh, really, "Can I see inside?", Wow! "Where did you get it from?", and "OMG, it must be expensive "how much was it? And my rehearsed response is As I open it up for display and show them each comparetment, tell them what came inside, and what I'm storing inside is always "Yes it's made for scrap supplies/tools, of coarse you can see inside, I got it from Sam's Club for ONLY $49.99!"  I tried to retire the Box to the house but had to bring it back out because ladies that have not met or seen the box have heard about it and want to see it. So it's back as my Journaling Toolbox. BOOM!!!! It's Back to stay.

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