Sunday, September 16, 2012

OMG! OMG! I'm Pregnant w/MY New Life

Ok, here's the situation. Exactly four months from today, I will be fabulous and fourty. The year I turned 36, I decided to celebrate for 36 days. Turning fourty is a major milestone, especially all that I've recently been through.  So to say the least I'm no longer a little girl or even a young lady. Doing what I can to embrace the next chapter, my new journey I decided to become pregnant. Not with child but with the development and transformation of my own New life.  It takes nine months to bring a new life into existence. I plan to spend the next  nine months in total self care as I would if I was pregnant. This time however will have the 20/20 vision of hinesight. I can eliminate the should & could nots and apply the wisdom that have brought me this far.  I get to skip morning sickness, broken sleep, and cravings. The first part will be spent in reflection and from my birthday until 6/16/13 will be spent in celebration.  From the book 40 Things to Do When You Turn 40 is where this idea originated from, also Kenneth Beer, MD reminds us that  "Taking care of your skin is a lifelong concern and it should top the list of medical precautions at this time in your life.  Well I guess I'm on target, was at the dermatologist this past Wednesday.  So next up is to schedule an appointment for a complete physical. My first day went like this; Up before 8am, remained in bed to read, took my vitamins, juiced, talked on phone, 2.5 hour nap, journaled, grocery shopping, home, cooked & ate dinner, journaled, blogging and soon off to bed. Look out 40, here I come!