Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dr. Visit

Heading out the work place to my last SCHEDULED Dr. visit for this month besides my routine visits. I recieve a call from Kaiser.  I schedule my next Biopsy for 11/2 to make sure all is well with the BOOBIES. So today I have an Optomatry appointment. I'm pleased to announce that I'm turning 40 with 20/20 vision. She complimented me on how healthy my blood vessles are and how wonderful my eyesight is.  She inserted some dye in my eye to check for dryness and I must say I never new you should lubricate your eyes as you do your skin. To top off the 20/20 vision and the flood of compliments she gave me a bottle of Refresh to lubricate my eyes morning and night. I must say I left feeling pretty good. Till next have a wonderful day.

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