Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vintage Pocket Letter

Received another Pocket Letter. This one comes fro Los Angeles CA.!! Thanks Cynthia!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Incoming Pocket Letters

Received these beautiful Pocket Letters from three beautiful ladies. 

CHA 2015

One of my many craft adventures. Project Life. I think I became a Lifer in 2012. Like any other new year I set goals; and one of my crafty was to stay current with my Project Life. At this point I was current and how sweet was it to meet Becky Higgins at the 2015 CHA!!!! Thanks JP!!

Demir Turns 3

Created a 2page LO using a paperpack by AUTHENTIQUE "Wishes"

Friday, May 8, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Window...

Playing with pastels, practicing drawing an eye.

Creative Deed 365

Needing to keep me sane in a place I no longer wanted to be, I found something that kept me busy as well as in tuned.  I bought multiple packs of index cards that I would paint on during work time of my pre-k class. Oh how I created hundreds of these mini pieces of art but really had nothing to do with them but I enjoyed the process so I continued to create them and I held onto them.  Fast forward a couple of years to the present of 2015 I stumbled on a FB group that was created by Gretchen Miller, Creative Deed 365. Here you are to create small pieces of art and randomly gift them out. How about that, now I can gift my pieces out and now have reason to continue to create!! This is what the back of the art pieces read; Everyday in 2015 I am making a lil piece of art to randomly gift as acts of kindness and to spread creative goodness to others... This is yours to keep: Enjoy!!    The other half of the challenge is to take a pic and post it to social media using  #creativedeed365. Needless to say I fell off for a while but I'm getting back on and here's a handful that I created to share with the world. Come join in on the fun!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

From This To That


I found these two frames at a local thrift store for $.99!!! I grabbed them up thinking "I can do something with these, however I had no clue at the time.  My staff knows that I am into crafts and how I will take something and turn it into something else. One day one of my staff walks in with theses cowgirl pieces, which are actually magnets. I accepted them with excitement knowing I could do something with them but not at that time as to just what exactly. Some time later I win a paper pack of scrapbook papers that I stored with many other packs of paper. My vision began to come together so I go and search for the Julie Nutting cowgirl stamp. Had to take a trip out to the Scrapbook Expo to find it as this one is a slightly older one.  As I work on putting this together one of my crafty friends gifts me some stickers that I incorporate to the piece. Finally pulled it all together and I am pleased.

Mixed-Media Layout

Taking it to another level. Scrapbook layout, mixed-media inspired. This will be framed in a 12x12 shadow box frame. 

Mixed Media

Today I created a Mixed-Media piece. I began with a recycled piece of cardboard and used acrylic paints to create a background. Once paint dried, I layered with stamps, doilies, scraps of burlap, washi tape, bling, a metal piece and stickers. The image of the lady is Emily, a Bloom stamp by Jamie Dougherty at Because I don't poses the skills of coloring, I stamp on skin tone paper and color in the hair and other small details and precisely cut her out. After adhering her to the board I continue to layer with flowers, a butterfly and a metal clock.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Out Going Pocket Letters

Oh how I enjoy creating these!! Over the weekend I have created four Pocket Letters, giving me a total of seven completed ready to be sent off in the mail. Over time I would like to receive PL from each state with a card or embellishment that clearly represent it's location.

National Scrap Book Weekend!!!!

Oh what an amazing weekend. How about spending the entire weekend with wonderful ladies doing what makes you happy. Well that's exactly what I did!! I was able to spend time with my crafty friends creating, laughing, singing, dancing, cooking and eating. Towards the end of the time my uncle came out and we had a ball of a photo shoot. I feel so blessed to have connected with so many women who are like minded in many aspects; we all have a family who we are obviously proud of, careers, and the need to create. Some of these ladies I have met for the first time this weekend, some I've known for a short while and many I've know for years. These relationships have all blossomed from the love of scrap booking. Can't wait till the next time!!! Happy Crafting.

Do One Thing Everyday That Makes You Happy!!!