Thursday, May 7, 2015

Creative Deed 365

Needing to keep me sane in a place I no longer wanted to be, I found something that kept me busy as well as in tuned.  I bought multiple packs of index cards that I would paint on during work time of my pre-k class. Oh how I created hundreds of these mini pieces of art but really had nothing to do with them but I enjoyed the process so I continued to create them and I held onto them.  Fast forward a couple of years to the present of 2015 I stumbled on a FB group that was created by Gretchen Miller, Creative Deed 365. Here you are to create small pieces of art and randomly gift them out. How about that, now I can gift my pieces out and now have reason to continue to create!! This is what the back of the art pieces read; Everyday in 2015 I am making a lil piece of art to randomly gift as acts of kindness and to spread creative goodness to others... This is yours to keep: Enjoy!!    The other half of the challenge is to take a pic and post it to social media using  #creativedeed365. Needless to say I fell off for a while but I'm getting back on and here's a handful that I created to share with the world. Come join in on the fun!!

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