Monday, May 4, 2015

From This To That


I found these two frames at a local thrift store for $.99!!! I grabbed them up thinking "I can do something with these, however I had no clue at the time.  My staff knows that I am into crafts and how I will take something and turn it into something else. One day one of my staff walks in with theses cowgirl pieces, which are actually magnets. I accepted them with excitement knowing I could do something with them but not at that time as to just what exactly. Some time later I win a paper pack of scrapbook papers that I stored with many other packs of paper. My vision began to come together so I go and search for the Julie Nutting cowgirl stamp. Had to take a trip out to the Scrapbook Expo to find it as this one is a slightly older one.  As I work on putting this together one of my crafty friends gifts me some stickers that I incorporate to the piece. Finally pulled it all together and I am pleased.

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